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Hey Friend! Welcome to our grand'ish adventure here on our newly developed farm, from scratch. Where we explore and unpack all things home and family while sharing in the abundance of what the Lord has blessed us with. We are a family of 6 here to share how we went from burbs to boonies and traded our life of HOA's turned homesteading opportunity. This farm blog serves as our way of sharing our story and helping others lead more holistic minded lives  through conscious awareness when it comes to faith, family, food, education, gardening, farming and overall abundant living practices. Our hope is that we add value, support and encouragement for you, your home and family.


Why we chose Arukah, for our farm....

We chose the name Arukah simply becasuse according to the Strongs Concordance, it means healing, health, recovery, repair and restoration. Our family journey and mission has been all about holistic healing and restoration but also , this is our prayer for our nation and the world. 

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At Arukah Restorative Holistics, we believe that a holistic approach to living is essential for a healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life. Not only is our faith first and foremost in this approach; we are also committed to living in conscious awareness of our daily fundamental choices.. As well as our integral and primal obligation to promote sustainable agriculture, we value and support ethical ways of raising animals, curating goods and growing food. We enjoy being able to help our community connect with the food they eat. Our aim is to inspire people to live healthier and more abundant lives.


Our mission is to share our story, experience, perspective, wisdom as well as our candid journey. Along the way you can expect us to provide education, solutions, resources, and support to individuals and families who are interested in adopting a more holistic approach to living.

We believe that by working together, we can create thriving communities to pass on to our upcoming generations as well as future.

We firmly believe that it starts at home first, right where God intended it be. I believe that as leaders and parents, we are accountable on this pivotal journey. What we don't help change, we perpetuate. 

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Our vision is to not only create holistic awareness for our family but to curate a world where families are more connected than ever, people are connected to the food they eat, we learn to nurturing the land The Lord has provided and together we are cultivating the communities we are a part of. I believe in getting back to basics of curation vs consumerism. Learning new skills and developing a love for working with our own two hands; simply the greatest tools God gave us. Maybe Im reaching for heaven here, but I envision a wholeness. Where we focus on all aspects of life and seek to bring whole body wellness. We believe that by promoting awareness, growing practices of integrity, sustainable polycultural growing methods and holistic living practices, we can create a healthier and more abundant future for all.

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