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Arukah was born.

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

You might be wondering how to say the name(A-ru-kah) and you may be wondering what it means? Wouldn't fault you for it either since its clearly not even English, not Spanish and not French! Its actually Hebrew origin.

When I was in search of a name, I knew I wanted something bold, beautiful and rare. I would try different names and nothing seemed to fit, in the way it sounded but also in its meaning.

Then Arukah came after beginning to look at Hebrew options. The native language of Israel, Gods chosen people. AH-HA! It only made sense and its GORGEOUS.

Arukah, in the Strongs Exhuastive Concordance explains it as:


-made up


I don't know about you and how you interpret those, but what The Lord laid on my heart was, RESTORATION.

I truly sense what God wants most is to restore our body, mind and spirit to the things of Yahweh. I not only pray for a restoration, but for a revival!

Below are a few ways the scriptures utilize this unique word:

Jeremiah 33:6 means "behold I will bring it to health and healing." -INT version.

Jeremiah 30:17 means Because I will restore to health, wounds will heal.

Isaiah 58:8 means "the dawn your light and your recovery will speedily spring

If you didn't learn anything else today, you now know what Arukah means.

Blessed to be a blessing, stay well.

Talk soon!

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