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Synergistic, just makes sense!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

I met my husband 15 years ago at the local drugstore where he still currently works while I now stay at home with our 4 boys. At that time I had taken some natural health courses at the local college prior to that, including herbology. He was and still is a pharmacist.

Now before you make too many judgements, most people either have preconceived notions about it or they don't. He is 100% a believer of most things I have brought under the roof of our home. With the exception of those supplements he has had to gag down here and there. When I could get him to take them, we should say.

Here's the deal, he wasn't always supportive. He didn't always see the value and there were times he would make a few jokes.

We started out with essential oils. The same brand I use today. It took some time, but he came around after being consistent. The paradigm shift was when we had our first son, then second, third and fourth. After each kid he has seen time and time again how not only did they help with addressing concerns but they they provided a tangible solution even if in that moment it was comfort that was all was needed, to lift the mood or worry off our shoulders as parents.

After essential oils, we moved into methylated supplements and natural solutions to help with life's toughest struggles.Things like brain/mental health, stress, cellular restoration, inflammation, sleep, mood, hormones and the list goes on. He saw too, just how powerful natural tools were. Within my own health, the kids and his.

As the years evolved, I had made new salves and balms to aid with different issues and has been a fan ever since. Time and time again, just driving home how important nature based tools are in our lives.

So are we going to sit here and tell you we have never and will never use a synthetic ingredient? No. We are here to tell you that going with nature is preferred but we provide a synergistic blend of tools for us and our family because simply put, IT JUST MAKES SENSE.

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