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Welcome and Thank You!

Meet The Allans

First NC Family Photo

First I want to say hi, welcome to our family owned small business and thank you for choosing to be here and support us! There will never be enough words to express how much it means to us.

We are a family of 6; Troy, Lorena and 4 boys; ages 11, 10, 7 and 5.

Life moves quickly, especially now that we live on 16 acres, in the Heart of North Carolina. Its been a journey that landed us living in a travel trailer for 8 months just to get here. Crazy times but well worth it.

We did the whole "getting back to basics" life change of ditching the suburbs and going from burbs to boonies. You know, the part where we realize our health is lacking, we want to expand our garden size and even raise our own food? Yeah, that part. So we now have 30 chickens("chicken math" is real), 2 "barn cats" and 2 mini Australian Shepherds. Sheep are to come in the spring.

Stay tuned for more blog posts, if you want updates on life.

So, here we are with a 100x100 foot garden. Medicinals and herbs of course, but lots of perennial fruits, watermelon patch, garden veggies and an orchard too. Its been a blast.

After 10 years of making my own salves and creams for our family, we decided to birth this new "baby" of ours. Arukah. The only little girl that doesn't have fur! ha!

In closing, I want to say I hope you will check out what we have to offer, stick around for more to come and thank you for stopping by!

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