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Here at Arukah, we pride ourselves on our diverse flock, including our Barnyard Flock, which allows us to offer a variety of breeds in our Barnyard Mix Hatching Eggs.


These eggs are available by the dozen, and contain a mix of mostly barred rocks, a few Easter egger and Easter Egger mixes, and one Buff Orpington. These breeds are great in their egg laying ability. Easter Eggers offer vibrant green or blue eggs and the Barred Rock, Buff Orpingtons are dual purpose if thats something youre looking at attaining in your flock as well. 


Our hens are known for their great demeanor which makes them a great choice for familes and those with younger aged children. 


Our birds are extremely hard. Handle rain and cold very well with minimum accomodations to their coop and run.


Our flocks ample ability to thrive in a backyard setting, make them the perfect choice for your own flock.


Hatch Rates have stayed within the 90-99% for the last several hatches with our current roosters.


We only keep the best roosters that have shown an ability to protect thier hens while also not being aggressive with us humans. We also look for their instinctual abilty to treat their hens well. This means offereing food to their girls first as well as exhibiting their "showing off" behaviors when topping. Lets be frank...we dont keep the jerks.


Get a taste of the diverse beauty and productivity of our Barnyard Mix with these hatching eggs from Arukah Fortified Farmstead.

Barnyard Mix Hatching Eggs

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