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Introducing our 2oz Sourdough Starter, the perfect way to kickstart your homemade sourdough journey. Included with your purchase are detailed instructions on how to get started - simply scan the QR Code and you’ll be on your way to sourdough success. Our Sourdough Starter not only includes rehydration instructions but also provides guidance on how to maintain and feed your starter for optimal results. Get started with ease and peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands with our step by step instructions, making it effortless to begin baking delicious sourdough bread from the comfort of your own kitchen.


3 Guides in ONE:


-Care and Maintnance

-Feeding Instuctions


To get started simply:

-purchase your starter from us

-gather your bakeware and utensils

-follow the instructions in the guide

-then start baking and use our care/maintnance/feeding guide to continue


We are here every step of the way. Message us if you have questions and please tag us on your social media as you create. 



Dehydrated Starter w/3 Guides

  • Our Dehydrated Starter is crafted from our Esther Starter. She is maintained with a ORGANIC, UNBLEACHED All Purpose Flour and Bread Flour. I used a half and half combo. With littles its been perfect and well liked as I transition them to more grain tasting breads. You can always use whatever flour you'd like, this is up to you.

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