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Welcome to The Asheboro Community Drop

if you're local,

this local food co-op is for you!

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New Member?
Thinking about becoming a member?

If you're curious about becoming a member or are a member and curious to learn more about Azure Standard, you're in the right spot. 


Please see the guide we have put together to help new members get aquatinted.


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Just placed your order, now what?

Once an order is placed we will email you with our Drop Communication and Procedure guide. 

If you would like to access this guide or haven't received one, please email us below.


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You know how passionate we are about supporting local agriculture and small businesses. So, as an added bonus to our drop, we have also added our  MEMBERS ONLY ACD Pop-Up Market. This is where we will have local farmers, growers and makers of our drop there on-site so you can shop locally farmed and curated goods. If you are a current AND ACTIVE member and you’d like more info about this please join us in our group over on Facebook by using the link below 

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